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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

Delayed Opening Procedures

Procedures for A Two (2) Hour Delayed Opening of School
A two hour delayed opening will be implemented by the Superintendent of Schools when hazardous road or weather conditions that could prompt the closing of schools are expected to improve later in the morning. *
1. NOTIFICATION OF DELAYED OPENING: If it is necessary to delay the opening of school because of inclement weather, dangerous road conditions, or any other emergency, parents will receive a phone call and an email via the automated phone system, ConnectEd. (Please be sure the school has your correct, updated phone numbers and an email address that you check on a regular basis). The announcement will also be posted on the school’s homepage. Additionally, Channel 12 (Cablevision) will list school delays and closings on the television screen and list them on their webpage:

2. THE TIME SCHEDULE: Delayed openings will delay the opening of school by two hours. The delayed school opening schedule is:
Normal Starting Time 8:30 AM
Drop-off begins at 8:17 AM
Delayed Starting Time  10:30 AM
Drop-off begins at 10:17 AM

As usual, supervision of students will begin 13 minutes prior to the start of the school day. Students are not to be dropped off at school prior to the time when supervision can take place.

3. MORNING ACTIVITIES ARE CANCELED: If there is a delayed opening the following morning activities are canceled: 

The Bellmore-Merrick Child Care Breakfast Program;
Chorus, band, orchestra, Sunrise Academy, extra help, etc.;
All field trips

4. BUS TRANSPORTATION WILL BE PROVIDED: However, bus schedules will also be delayed by two hours. For example, if your child’s bus is normally scheduled to arrive at your stop at 8:00 AM, the two-hour delay will change it to approximately 10:00 AM. Keep in mind that the poor weather conditions that necessitate a Delayed Opening are likely to cause some delays in bus pick up. Your understanding, patience and cooperation are appreciated.


Lunch will be available and served to all students at their regularly scheduled lunchtime.


A delayed opening has no effect on dismissal time or afterschool activities unless otherwise announced. As always, school will end at 3:00 - buses should drop students off at the usual time.

: A delayed opening is subject to change if the weather or road conditions remain hazardous. The Superintendent retains the option to issue another ConnectEd message directing a school closing when the potential for a hazardous situation continues to exist.