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Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

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Newbridge Artists Lend Talents to Beautification Projects

Newbridge Artists Lend Talents to Beautification Projects thumbnail258450
Newbridge Artists Lend Talents to Beautification Projects thumbnail258451
Newbridge Artists Lend Talents to Beautification Projects thumbnail258452

A tree has sprouted inside of Newbridge Road Elementary School, a legacy artwork project that students and staff hope will remain for a long time.

As the school approached its 100th anniversary celebration, the Beautification Club worked on a new mural in the hallway outside of the main office. Under the direction of art teacher Erica Farley, fifth and sixth graders painted the tree trunk and branches during recess sessions over several weeks.

Ultimately, all Newbridge Road students will contribute to the project by adding their handprints as the leaves. Ms. Farley said the plan is to have each grade level do their handprints in a different color.

“One hundred years from now, hopefully it will still be here,” Ms. Farley said, adding that she is very proud of the students for their hard work.

This is the third project undertaken this year by the new Beautification Club, which has about 45 members from the fifth and sixth grades. They created a courtyard mural of the school’s tiger mascot and made four “Paws Places” on the blacktop outside, which are paw prints that students can go to when they need to take a pause. That project was done in partnership with the Tiger Club.

Ms. Farley said that the Beautification Club has been very busy in its inaugural year and students have been excited to contribute their ideas and talents.

“The goal is to beautify the school, create a sense of community and give students more opportunities in the arts,” she said.

Date Added: 5/15/2024

2024-25 Budget Newsletter

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Spring 2024 Beacon Newsletter


Date Added: 5/14/2024


A Digital Dive Into Pop Art at Park Avenue

Main_Photo_P15_2023.png thumbnail258336

A pop art project for fifth graders at Park Avenue Elementary School had a triple purpose – to celebrate Mother’s Day while allowing students to use their creativity and expand their technological capabilities.

Students in Jenna Stack’s class manipulated photos of themselves to reflect a style of art that emerged in the 1950s. They used the photo editing tools on their iPads.

The class first went outside and Ms. Stack took a picture of each student in front of a brick wall. Back in the classroom, the young artists changed colors, adjusted the contrast, exposure and saturation, and added outlines to give their pictures a pop art feel. For the final piece, students added quotes or messages of appreciation.

The photos were sent home via email to each mother as a special gift. Ms. Stack said it was a great way for students to show gratitude through art.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 5/13/2024

JGD Students Spread Sunshine to Mom

Third graders in Celeste Diogo’s class thumbnail258239
Third graders in Celeste Diogo’s class thumbnail258240
Third grader in Celeste Diogo’s class thumbnail258241
Third graders in Celeste Diogo’s class thumbnail258242
Third grader in Celeste Diogo’s class thumbnail258243

To show gratitude to their moms, third graders in Celeste Diogo’s class at John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School planted sunflowers and made a craft, which they brought home for Mother’s Day.

By planting sunflower seeds in cups of dirt, children got a hands-on lesson in the life cycle of plants. They kept the sprouting sunflowers on the classroom window sill, covered with plastic soda bottles to preserve moisture for the plants. Students and their moms will be able to transfer the plants to their home gardens.

They also made a sunflower craft out of paper plates, yellow strips of paper around the edge and crumpled up brown tissue paper in the center representing the seeds.

Date Added: 5/10/2024