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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

Current News

Saw Mill Readers Taste the Possibilities

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With tablecloths covering the desks and soft music playing in the background, fifth graders at Saw Mill Road Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District certainly felt like they were in a café. But instead of eating fine delicacies, they were sampling different books.

The book tasting on Sept. 18 was organized by teachers Kara Pulsinelli and Kristin Henchel. The desks were combined into five tables, each featuring a different genre – biographies, fantasy, fiction, realistic fiction and graphic novels. Each table had a tray of books for students to sample as they rotated around the room.

Ms. Pulsinelli explained that because it was a book tasting, students were asked to look at the cover, read the summary and check out a few pages. If it was a book a student would like to read this year, he or she could make note of it on their “Don’t forget these titles” sheet. Those lists will be kept in their reading folders.

All of the books are available in the extensive classroom library, which includes classics and modern stories, as well as fiction and non-fiction books. Students have independent reading time every day in class, and they are also allowed to borrow the books to read at home.

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Date Added: 9/29/2023

Dinkelmeyer Kindergartners Make Their Mark

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John G. Dinkelmeyer kindergartners in Lauren LoBello’s class celebrated International Dot Day. Following a reading of the popular Peter Reynolds book, “The Dot,” students discussed the themes of the book – bravery and kindness.

The youngsters explored the main character of the book, who made her mark in art class with a simple dot. On Sept. 18, students did their own dot artwork with watercolor paints. Their designs showed their creativity and uniqueness.

Ms. LoBello and her students also discussed the “power of yet.” Children learned that although they might not yet be able to do something, they should keep trying and work toward their goals.

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Date Added: 9/25/2023

Martin Avenue Sixth Graders Eyeing Service Projects

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“Contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion” is part of the mission statement of the North Bellmore School District, and sixth graders at Martin Avenue Elementary School are looking to accomplish just that.

They’ll probably start small with some volunteer work at home or in their local community, but it will hopefully set the stage for a lifetime of charitable endeavors. Students in Rachel Graber’s and Stephanie Speciale’s classes are each being tasked with completing 10 hours of community service this year.

The discussions first began on Sept. 11, which has been designated a National Day of Service and Remembrance. Students were encouraged to do a helpful act after school that day. The following morning, the two classes gathered together to learn more about community service opportunities to complete the 10 hours.

Sixth graders were presented with many ideas, such as helping a younger sibling with homework, shoveling snow for a neighbor this winter, participating in a local fundraiser walk or organizing a clothing or food drive. They learned how to earn community service hours through the teen room at the North Bellmore Public Library. At school, they could get involved in service clubs such as Student Council or Students Against Destructive Decisions.

Ms. Graber and Ms. Speciale said it counts as community service if they’re not paid, and they're not told to do it. Community service for Martin Avenue sixth graders is a longstanding tradition and helps prepare them for middle school and high school, where service hours are required.

Leahna Graziano said there are lots of ideas for community service. After helping out at a summer camp, she is considering working with children to complete her hours.

“I think it will help us in the long term,” sixth grader Summer Ferrie said. “It makes you better people when you do kind things.”

“I just like to help out the community,” added Mason Torres.

Ms. Graber and Ms. Speciale said that students are welcome to go beyond the 10 hours, and have had sixth graders in the past who have exceeded 300 hours of community service in a year.

Date Added: 9/19/2023

Students, Staff Show Their Patriotic Pride

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Across North Bellmore schools, students and staff marked Patriot Day by wearing red, white and blue to school on Sept. 11. The day commemorated the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Children showed their patriotism and wore the colors of the United States flag to honor those who lost their lives.

Sept. 11 also marks the National Day of Service, and students discussed ways they could help their communities through acts of kindness, both big and small.

Date Added: 9/13/2023

New Beginnings for North Bellmore Students

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On a day that perhaps felt more like the start of summer vacation than the end of it, students returned to school in North Bellmore for the first time since late June. The doors of the five elementary buildings opened up on Sept. 5 and the 2023-24 school year was promptly under way.

Children were excited to meet their teachers and see who was in their class. They unpacked supplies, learned classroom routines and expectations, and shared tales of their summer adventures. New kindergartners began their seven-year journey in North Bellmore, with teachers taking them around the school to show them important places like the cafeteria, gymnasium and library.

At the other end, the sixth graders settled in for their final year before heading off to middle school in a year. The year will be filled with lots of celebratory activities like the sixth grade track meet, a picnic, special field trips and, of course, graduation.

“Throughout my elementary experience,” Martin Avenue sixth grader Inayah Zahid said, “I’ve seen sixth graders do a lot of fun things, and I want to do those things. I’m looking forward to all of the projects and celebrations.”

Martin Avenue students welcomed their new principal, Dr. Michael Yannucci, who spent the day visiting classrooms and learning names. In Debra Ferretti’s first grade class, students completed their first piece of writing for the year by sharing their back-to-school feelings. She said that an emotional check-in with students will be part of the daily classroom routine.

Students and staff at Martin Avenue and John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School also enjoyed brighter classrooms and hallways following a ceiling and lighting improvement project over the summer.

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Date Added: 9/6/2023