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2018-2019 Budget Presentations and Transportation FAQ's

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Budget Revote Information

  • The North Bellmore Board of Education will be holding a Special Meeting on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 7:30 pm in the Martin Avenue Auditorium to discuss the next steps and details involving the revote.


    The district budget revote will be held on Tuesday, June 19 at Newbridge Road School from 6am-9pm.



  • North Bellmore School Budget Results

    Dear North Bellmore Community,

    Thank you to all who came out to vote in North Bellmore's annual budget vote. Please see the detailed results below. As you will see, Proposition 1 did not pass by the required 60%. The Board of Education will address our next steps and be in communication with our constituents.

    Proposition 1: 2018-2019 School Budget

    Pass: 1322 (51.8%- FAILED)


    *Please note that since the budget only received 51% of passing votes, the budget has failed.

    Proposition Votes:

    2a- (Expand Busing)= 232 

    2b- (Eliminate Busing)= 854

    2c- (Busing Remains the same)= 1450

    Busing will remain the same (2c), since 2a did not receive 60%

    3a- Expand Busing for Out-Of-District= 452-Yes, 1982-No (Proposition Fails)

    Board of Education Seats

    Nina Lanci= 1170

    Melissa Cmar-Grote= 1119

    Tara Casucci= 1072

    Jeanie Shipman= 543



    Marie Testa


An Important Message from the Superintendent- 5/4/18

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