•                         helping hands
                                  Ms. Signorelli,LCSW
    School Social Worker
                                                                         Dinkelmeyer School-Days 1, 3 and 5
                                                                        Park Avenue School -days 2, 4 and 6
                    What do School Social Workers do?
     School Social Workers are a type of helper in the school. Ms. Signorelli does her best to help everyone! 
                Here are some ways a school social worker help students, parents and school staff: 
    • Work with students individually, in small groups or in classrooms
    • Teach students to develop problem solving and decision making skills
    • Assist students to improve self-esteem, social skills and self-control
    • Provide students ideas to be used as coping skills for challenges either at home or in school
    • Teach students to advocate for themselves
    • Work with students to improve school concerns (attendance, grades, discipline, etc.)
    • Offer positive parenting strategies to parents and facilitate Active Parenting classes
    • Advocate for student's needs
    • Serve as a link between home and school
    • Provide resources and information on community services/agencies
    • Assist in coordinating services between the school and outside agencies
    • Offer classroom management strategies and support to teachers
    • Coordinate efforts with other school programs
    • Identify students in crisis and respond to the situation
                       Facilitates Evidenced Based Program