Morning Pick Ups

    Our bus drivers have been instructed to follow designated routes. Please refrain from asking them to change the route.

    • Generally the bus should arrive at the bus stop at about the same time every day. On occasion for various reasons (i.e., absence of another student picked up earlier on the bus, weather conditions, etc.) there may be a deviation of a few minutes. To assure that the bus driver can complete the route in a timely manner you should have your child ready to board the bus approximately 5 minutes before you would normally expect the bus to arrive.

    • Drivers have been instructed to wait for 2 minutes for the child at the bus stop. If the child has not come to the bus after that time they will leave and complete their route. In such a situation you will then have to arrange for alternate transportation to school for your child.

    Afternoon Drop-Off

    Our bus drivers have been instructed to follow designated routes. Please refrain from asking them to change the route.

    • Children are generally dismissed at the same time every day from school and the bus will arrive at your child's bus stop at approximately the same time each day. However, depending on factors such as students being absent or weather conditions the arrival of the bus may be earlier or later then normal. Please be certain that you or your designee* are available to meet your child from the time school ends until the drop off actually takes place.

    • In the event a driver arrives at the drop off location and the appropriate person is not there to meet the child the child will be kept on the bus until the driver completes the route. (Drivers will wait no more than 2 minutes at a drop off.) At that time the driver will bring the child back to the school they were picked up at. In such an event you will then have to make arrangements to pick your child up at the school.

    • In the event that you are making other arrangements for your child to either remain at school on a particular day or to be met by someone other than yourself or your designee* please make sure you communicate such arrangements to the child's school in writing that morning. Such information will then be communicated to the driver. If such information is not communicated the driver will not discharge the student from the bus when it arrives at the child's stop and will return the child to the school.

    *Designee – is defined as the person you as the parent or guardian designated to the district as being responsible for your child on a regular basis in your absence.

    Other Issues

    Please do not ask bus drivers to bring notes, medication, etc. to the school for your child. They are not permitted and it puts them in a very awkward position.

    • Drivers are not permitted to leave their buses when there are children on board unless there is another adult on the bus. Drivers are also prohibited from blowing their horns when they arrive at a designated stop. Please make sure you are watching for the bus to arrive.

    • New York State Law does not mandate that children wear seat belts while on school buses. However, children should be encouraged to do so.

    Students are expected to behave on school buses in the same manner as they behave in school. Drivers will report any improper behavior to the District and appropriate action will be taken to address the issue.