Bellmore Merrick Community Coalition

  • The Bellmore Merrick Community is coming together to form a Coalition to promote the healthy development of our youth.  The goal of the Coalition is to address the impact of alcohol and other drug use on the youth in our community.  

    The Bellmore Merrick Community Coalition is based on the premise that in order to prevent a problem from happening, we need to identify the factors that increase the risk of that problem developing, and then find ways to reduce the risks.  In addition, we may need to increase or promote the presence of individual protective factors in our young people’s lives as well as protective factors gained by their positive interactions with family, school, peers and the community at large.  Protective factors serve to balance and buffer risk factors, and strengthen prevention efforts.

    A successful coalition needs the commitment of dedicated community members like you.  Please join us in building a shared vision of our community as a safe, nurturing environment for all children.  If you would like to get involved please contact the Prevention office at 992-3036.