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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

pa1599 Park Avenue.
North Merrick, NY 11566
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Principal: Mr. Michael DeBlasio
Instagram: @parkavepride


Dear Park Avenue Families, 
I welcome you to Park Avenue School with the greatest of pleasure and excitement. As principal, I have the honor of leading our fantastic teachers, students, and school community through an exceptional educational journey. We are dedicated to providing your children a safe and nurturing environment where they feel valued and confident to expand their potential, knowledge, and abilities.   

By fostering the whole child's development, our students will acquire the skills needed to become productive, compassionate, and educated leaders of tomorrow. Our focus remains on guiding your children through a rigorous curriculum, developing strong character, and supporting them in surpassing our high expectations. With instructional best practices at the forefront, Park Avenue School's competent and highly effective educators will lead our students to new levels of success! 

The partnership between the Park Avenue School families and our staff will provide our young scholars with educational experiences to last a lifetime. By adhering to a growth mindset, we here at Park Avenue School strive to be our best selves by working through challenges, helping others, and exuding the willingness to learn new and exciting things. Through our teachers' powerful instructional practices, our students will receive an education focused on academic, social, and emotional growth. This holistic approach will ensure the students of Park Avenue School develop strong foundational skills upon which they may build their future successes. 

The North Bellmore Mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion. We will carry out this mission and live the core values together daily.   

The love and passion for learning make Park Avenue School an extraordinary place. We approach all that we do from the perspectives of empathy, curiosity, and exploration. We are excited to lead your children through another fantastic, fun-filled school year. Please feel free to contact me, as I am readily available to work with you and answer any questions. 


Michael DeBlasio 

Dancing is Hip at Park Avenue

Fifth and sixth graders dancing in the gym. thumbnail255005
Fifth and sixth graders dancing in the gym. thumbnail255006
Fifth and sixth graders dancing in the gym. thumbnail255007
Fifth and sixth graders dancing in the gym. thumbnail255008
Fifth and sixth graders dancing in the gym. thumbnail255009
Fifth and sixth graders dancing in the gym. thumbnail255010
Fifth and sixth graders dancing in the gym. thumbnail255011

Fifth and sixth graders have sure got the moves at Park Avenue Elementary School, and they were thrilled to show them off during a weeklong dance residency from Jan. 22-26.

For four days, each class spent time working with instructors from The Dance Place, a local studio which has locations in Bellmore and Merrick. They learned basic hip hop moves like donkey kicks, turtle spins and break dancing. Every class choreographed a unique routine to showcase for parents on the final day.

The dance residency has been a tradition at Park Avenue for more than a decade. It is a partnership between the school, The Dance Place and the PTA’s Arts in Education committee, which funds the experience. It builds confidence for students as they grow up and will have social events in their lives with dancing. Students also feel a sense of accomplishment and pride after completing their choreographed show.

Several of the participants are also students at local dance studios and were thrilled to have an activity they enjoy come to Park Avenue.

“I love dancing, and it’s great to do the thing I love in school,” Zara Zytkowicz said. “I looked forward to performing at the end of the week so everyone could see what we did.”

Holly Schellberg, a competitive dancer outside of school, added, “When I dance in school, I can just have fun. It gives me a break to get my body moving.”

The dance residency continues in February for students in grades 2-4 who will do musical theater. Kindergartners and first graders will have creative movement workshops in the spring.

Date Added: 2/12/2024

A Flurry of Gratitude at Park Avenue

Six students holding up snowflake art thumbnail254404
Second graders at Park Avenue Elementary School are learning to show gratitude for the simple things in life. That’s a regular practice in Nancy Del Rosario’s class, where each day begins with an entry in their gratitude journals.

Ms. Del Rosario gives students a daily prompt so they can reflect and write about the people, possessions and experiences that they treasure. As an extension of their journal writing, students made gratitude snowflakes. Each student shared six aspects of the season that he or she enjoys, such as a favorite winter activity, beverage or movie. The snowflakes were hung around the room so they could share their gratitude with others.

The goal, Ms. Del Rosario explained, is for her students to build a mindset of appreciation. She added that the gratitude activities connect to the core values of the district as well as the character traits of the month at Park Avenue.

Date Added: 1/24/2024

Musicians Earn All-County, LISFA Selections

All-County Musicians thumbnail253977
Nearly three dozen students from the North Bellmore School District were selected to the 2024 All-County music festival, hosted by the Nassau Music Educators Association.

Fifth and sixth grade band, chorus and orchestra students were recognized for their musical talents. All-County rehearsals and concerts were held throughout the first two weeks of January.

The district congratulates the following students:

John G. Dinkelmeyer Elementary School: Adriana Aglio and Viana Olson, sixth grade chorus; Jake Duverneau, Charlotte Giannetta, Madison Lau, Brielle Orphee and Nicholas Truglio, fifth grade chorus.

Martin Avenue Elementary School: Summer Ferrie, sixth grade band; Seraphina McGill and Ariana Vargas, sixth grade chorus; Adalyn Perez, sixth grade orchestra; Alayna Mangels, fifth grade orchestra.

Newbridge Road Elementary School: Brian Barrera, sixth grade band; Daniella Capritto and Keira Ferris, sixth grade chorus; Thomas Howe, sixth grade orchestra.

Park Avenue Elementary School: Arya Chandhok, sixth grade band; Andrew Udilovich, fifth grade band; Carlos Flores and Camilla Roman, sixth grade chorus; Giuliana Ferraro, Harnoor Kaur, Elianna Macaluso, Micah Millington and Olivia Sparks, fifth grade chorus; Temitayo Otuyemi, sixth grade orchestra; Michael Liguori, fifth grade orchestra.

Saw Mill Road Elementary School: Ryan Paruch, sixth grade band; Sean Egan and Shira Rosen, sixth grade chorus; Isabella Rodriguez, Kayla Schieren and Madison Tam, fifth grade chorus; Charlotte O’Hea, sixth grade orchestra.

Additionally, Michael and Temitayo from Park Avenue and Charlotte from Saw Mill Road were selected to participate in the Long Island String Festival Association’s Nassau intermediate festival in early March.

North Bellmore’s music students are under the direction of music educators Desiree Behr, Christopher D’Orio, Dana Hirsch, Maritza Lopez, Ed McCullagh, Carol Ng, Alexander Roff and Lisa Uckardes.

Click here to view the photo slideshow.

Date Added: 1/11/2024

Rolling and Sliding for Science at Park Avenue

students thumbnail253868
students thumbnail253869
students thumbnail253870
Kindergartners are exploring the world around them at Park Avenue Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District, and recently they had some help for an experiment on the principles of motion.

The young scientists in Sarah Mazeika’s class dropped different objects down a ramp to see if they would slide or roll. They were assisted by their buddies from Amanda DiMonda’s sixth grade class, to share their experience on the scientific process and help kindergartners record their observations.

Ms. Mazeika said her students watched videos and read books about pulling and pushing forces. Then it was time to put their knowledge into action. The objects they dropped included balls, glue sticks, pencils and blocks in different shapes and sizes. They also placed the ramp at different angles.

Date Added: 1/10/2024

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