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Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire all students to be confident, passionate learners with the courage and skills to lead their lives with integrity, while contributing to our global community with creativity and compassion.

Central Registration Office 

Laurice Gunnels

Central Registration



Lisa Fogarty

Transportation Coordinator




*** Please download, print, and complete the Registration Packet ***

We are pleased to welcome you to the North Bellmore School District! In order to safeguard your child, to place your child in the most appropriate program, and to comply with the New York State law and District Policy, we will need certain information and records. Please read all instructions carefully before completing the application including the list of required documentation detailed on the Checklist.

Registration is by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

After you have completed the application and gathered all the required documentation, please call the District Registrar at 516-992-3049 or 992-3000 ext. 3821 to schedule an appointment. 


(For students attending Private or Non-Public Schools)

If your child will be attending a Private or Non-Public School, parents/guardians may submit an application to request transportation. Mileage limits in accordance with District policy will apply. Residency within the District must be established to be eligible for transportation. Please see the registration application checklist. All forms denoted with an asterisk on the checklist will be required to apply for transportation. Each year thereafter you must complete only the Transportation Form for Non-Public School Transportation and it must be returned to the North Bellmore Transportation Office no later than April 1st of each year. No application will be approved after the April 1st deadline. Please note, for NEW Residents applying after the deadline you must apply within 30 days of moving into your residence to qualify for the current or upcoming school year. 

If you have any questions OR are ready to schedule your appointment, please contact the Central Registration Department at 516-992-3049 or 992-3000, ext. 3821.

In order to comply with District Policy and New York State regulations, we will require certain information and records… Please note that you can only register your child or children if they are residents of the North Bellmore School District. Section 210.45 of the Penal Law of New York State states that theft of governmental services is a crime and that a false statement made in connection with this application is punishable as a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in prison or a fine up to $1,000. Under the penalties of perjury you will be held legally responsible for any misrepresentation of facts including, but not limited to, you WILL BE BILLED THE SCHOOL DISTRICT’S ANNUAL TUITION RATE PER CHILD retroactive to the first day of admission and any related ATTORNEY’S FEES.