Traditionally, summer has been a time to relax and refresh bodies and minds; a time to wonder and explore…play and discover. Sunshine and swimming; sand and surf; longer, lazier, less-structured days with space for social, emotional, and cognitive growth. Those days are more vital now, than ever, and we hope you enjoy the myriad informal learning opportunities all around you. It has been a challenging time—and students and families need to recharge.


    That said, it’s also important to stay connected academically and retain valuable skills over the summer. To that end, we have put together a variety of resources to engage and enrich our learners. Students will have the opportunity to inquire and reflect, practice and review, as well as challenge themselves with critical and creative thinking tasks.


    A little can go a long way, and small moves have great power. In the coming weeks, consider small increments of daily practice with literacy and numeracy skills to maintain academic growth.  Be sure to:


    • Read, read, read—every day.

    • Allow for lots of choice—this fosters agency, independence, motivation, and achievement.

    • Notice math, strategy and problem solving in your daily lives.

    • Encourage students’ interests, curiosities and passions.

    • Talk with your kids—frequently—this increases vocabulary, sharpens thinking, and develops confidence.

    • Engage in wellness activities.


    Above all, remember what author Anna Quindlen said: “Doing nothing is something”.


    Have a wonderful summer!


    Summer learning

    Be on the lookout for our Summer Virtual Book Club opportunities!  More info to come! 


Fundations K-2

  • Students in K-2 can reinforce their foundational reading skills by practicing Fundations.  Use the resources and links below. NOTE: Use the files for the grade your child just completed.       


  • Read books of your choice independently every day to increase your stamina and comprehension.  Enjoy books from our Summer Reading List or listen to our Video Read Alouds.  You may even choose activities from the grade level choice boards.  Entering grade 3-6 students, remember to log into Clever to access your i-Ready individualized instructional path.  Keep reading this summer!   

i-Ready Reading & Math Instruction

  • Students entering 3rd-6th grade have access to

    i-Ready Digital Instruction in both Math and Reading.  In addition to individualized, instructional lessons in both subjects, students also have access to Math Learning Games.  Be sure to log in through Clever.   

Literacy & Math Practice Worksheets (With Answer Keys)

Wellness Activities

  • Make way for wellness this summer!  Try some new activities from our choice board or repeat a favorite.  Let's make wellness a habit!

STEM Challenges

  • Think like an engineer!  Use every day items to solve real world problems. Challenge yourself with some of these STEM activities!    

Critical Thinking Activities

  • Flex your mental muscles and solve these brainteasers, riddles and plexers!

Mensa for Kids

  • Nurture your inner genius! Keep yourself cognitively challenged this summer and try some of the activities curated by Mensa for Kids.    

Creativity Corner

  • Everyone is a maker! Tap into your creative energy, let go of perfection and make room for the freedom of self expression!


  • Continue to strengthen your writing muscles daily by maintaining a writer's notebook or complete an independent writing project in the genre of your choice.  Use these resources and ideas to get your creative juices flowing!  

Poetry (Grades K-2)

  • Poetry is an exciting way to movitate and engage young readers. Here is a collection of fun poems for you to enjoy. Some things you might do are:
    ● Read the poems aloud
    ● Act them out
    ● Talk about what you notice
    ● Illustrate the poems
    ● Find rhyming words
    ● Find trick words
    ● Write your own poems inspired by these
    ● Reread your favorites
    ● HAVE FUN!!

Poetry (Grades 3-6)

  • Experience the power of poetry! Reading and writing poetry fosters fluency, develops vocabulary, increases reading comprehension...and so much more! Explore these poems and follow up activities to spark your inner poet!   


  • Think like a mathematician!  Solve problems and sharpen your skills by using the following resources and websites! Entering grade 3-6 students, remember to log into Clever to access your i-Ready individualized instructional path. 


Summer Digital Subscriptions

  • Our digital subscriptions will be available over the summer!  See the documents below to learn which programs are available for use (reference the grade your child just completed.) 

Logic Puzzles

  • Calling all detectives!  Examine the clues and use your deductive reasoning skills to solve these mysteries!

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