Welcome Ms. Meiselas’ Reading All-Stars!
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  • Ms. Meiselas

    Ms. Meiselas’ Stats

    Park Avenue – Reading
    Height: 4’11’’
    Birthday: May 19
    Hometown: Merrick, NY
     -    Syracuse University
             B.S. Inclusive Elementary and Special Education
             B.S. Political Science
    -     Hofstra University
             M.S. Ed Literacy B-6 and Literacy 5-12


          -       Childhood Education 1-6
          -         Students with Disabilities 1-6
          -         Early Childhood Education Birth -2

    -      Students with Disabilities Birth – 2

    -         Literacy Birth – 6

    -         Literacy 5-12

    Meet Ms. Meiselas:

    Ms. Meiselas has worked in the North Bellmore UFSD since 2009.  She has worked in various schools throughout the district as a classroom teacher in both lower and upper grades.  She is currently a Reading teacher at the Park Avenue School, the school she attended when she was in elementary school.

    Ms. Meiselas has lots of school spirit and brings it into the classroom each day.  She was the captain of Syracuse Cheerleading throughout college, but instead of cheering on the Syracuse Orange, she now cheers on her student’s growth as readers. She loves to read and tries to find time to read each day.  According to her, nothing is better than reading a good book on the beach.

    Besides her love of teaching, and spreading her love of reading, Ms. Meiselas enjoys sports, traveling, Broadway shows and the flying trapeze.  Some of her favorite books include Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games.  In addition to teaching throughout the day, Ms. Meiselas coaches high school cheerleading and recreational gymnastics.